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We offer:

Exhaust stacks
Insulating blankets
Pipe & muffler hangers
V-band clamps
Air intake parts
Rubber elbows
Hump hose
Air-intake clamps
Mounting brackets
Expansion joints

Intake and exhaust tubing
Heavy weight flexible tubing
Elbows 90 degrees (3 elbows of different sizes & dimensions)
Elbows 45 degrees (3 elbows of different sizes & dimensions)
Exhaust clamps of all varieties
Butt joint clamps
Accuseal clamps
Accuseal-single bolt
Heavy duty flat u-bolt clamps
Heavy duty round u-bolt clamps
Rain caps
Ansi flanges & turbo flanges
NPT adaptors
Pipe & flare connectors
Heat shields - all sizes

Resonator mufflers
Pump jack mufflers

In-cab noise control
Insulation products
Aluminized fiberglass cloth
Spray adhesive
Heat tape

Want more information on any of these accessories? Check out the catalogue:

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